Sunday, 4 March 2012

Telephone Girl

I had an idea to do a series of girl kits inspired by how different illustrators interpret the female form. This piece was based on a Bill Ward drawing.
Bill knew what he liked! I was drawn to it because there is a lot of opportunity for different textures. The smoothness of her stockings, the patterning of the lace and the wrinkling of her gloves. I could imagine it painting well in greys, except possibly for her red lipstick.

Bill's anatomy was never lifelike, so I haven't tried to be either. Unfortunately neither was his underwear, I think he just made up silky things  for the visual effect. I didn't want to copy them literally as they wouldn't look too convincing.
This is where this one has come to a halt. With the thought of having to come up with some kind of  underwear that is in keeping with Bill's style but more credible!

I was also thinking to sculpt her lacy night jacket and arrange it so that it would form the base. Working out how to create this has also proved daunting, maybe I will use real lace and stiffen it.